Safety Plans per Event
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our plans for Corporate Challenge have been significantly modified in an effort to keep all participants healthy. Please read through the safety plans detailed below before participating in the fundraising event.

Mega Day Safety Plan

  • The only indoor events offered on Mega Days will be Free Throw Contest and Rowing.
  • All staff, volunteers, and participants will be required to wear face masks during our Mega Days, both inside and outside. The only instances participants will not be required to wear a mask is when they are actively participating in the 100 and 400 Meter Runs and the Obstacle Course. Participants will put their masks back on upon completion.
  • Social distancing of at least ten feet will be enforced in all areas. The extra four feet will be required as some participants may be breathing hard after participating in an event. 
  • In the event of rain, events will NOT be moved inside; a rain day will be announced.

Rowing: Machines will be sanitized between each participant. The scorekeeper will stand back at a distance and wait for the participant to report the score.

Free Throw Contest: Basketballs will be sanitized between each participant. Participants will get their own rebounds and scorekeepers will record scores from a distance. 

Quarterback Challenge: All footballs will be sanitized between competitors. Volunteers will collect all footballs at the end of each round.

Obstacle Course: This year’s Obstacle Course will not feature any obstacles in which opponents have to touch objects with their hands. Everything will be done primarily with their feet. Any object that is touched by a participant will be sanitized before the next participant begins.

Axe Throwing: To create social distancing, we will only use two axe walls at a time. Axes will be retrieved by the participants after each throw and then sanitized by the scorekeeper at the end of their rounds.

Soccer Shootout: Participants will begin with enough soccer balls for the entire round. Balls will be collected and sanitized by the scorekeeper before the next participant begins.

Mini Golf: Clubs and balls will be sanitized between rounds. We will have enough equipment that the same equipment may not have to be used more than once per day. Participants can bring their own clubs and balls as well.

Individual Cornhole: Participants are encouraged to bring their own bean bags, but the YMCA will provide at least 15 sets of bags for participants. For this event, participants using the YMCA bags will be asked to wash their hands prior to competing. Bags will be sprayed down after use and put at the back of the line to be used once all other sets of bags have been used.

Shot Put: Participants will collect their own shots after each attempt. At the end of the round, the scorekeeper will sanitize shots before the next participant. 

Broad Jump: Scorekeeper will watch jumps from a ten-foot distance.

100 Meter Run / 400 Meter Run: These events will be timed by a volunteer, but similar to 2019’s make-up track meet at the Northwest Y, only one participant will run at a time.

Disc Golf Safety Plan

This is an event that teams of two do on their own. Discs can still be checked out from the Y and will be sanitized before being given to teams.

Bowling & Par 3 Golf Safety Plan

These events will be scheduled by companies on their own. Participants will be subject to the safety procedures of Classic Bowling Lanes and Taylor’s Par 3.

18 Hole Golf Safety Plan

As in the past, teams will be assigned to a hole and should not come in contact with other teams. Safety procedures will again be subject to the Cascades Golf Course.

Blood Drive Safety Plan

While the YMCA hopes to host their own blood drive during Corporate Challenge, this is not yet on the books. If not at the Y, participants can take part in a blood drive anywhere else.