Yoga Workshop: Guided Meditation and Restorative Yoga

Saturday, May 19
1:00-2:30 pm

$20 members/$40 non-members
Class will meet in the SE Yoga Studio

Curious about guided meditation/visualizations and learning how to use yoga poses to improve your coping skills when dealing with stress? In this workshop, you will learn very basic restorative poses that will elicit the “relaxation response.” The instructor will guide you through uplifting and calming meditative visualizations while you are in restorative poses. If reducing stress and improving your peace of mind are high on your priority list, this workshop is for you!

About the Instructor: Debbie Hackman began practicing yoga in college to quell the stresses of life and finds that her practice still gives her the balance she craves in life. She explores introspection in her practice and teaching, with special focus on the breath. She encourages her students to “hear my words, but listen to your bodies.” She enjoys mini vinyasa flows and includes restoratives during each session. She has been an instructor at the YMCA for more than 30 years and currently teaches Level 1 Yoga, Sitting Fit Yoga, and Arthritis Aquatics. Debbie is trained in Judith Lasater’s Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga Program.

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Saturday, May 19, 2018 - 2:00pm