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New in May: 
Synrgy360 has NEW monthly pricing! Sign up for a month of Synrgy360 at $40 for members/$100 for non-members, and participate in an unlimited number of classes within that given month.

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What is Syngry360?
Synrgy360 is a high energy, high intensity small group training class that consists of a variety of short bouts of work designed to challenge all fitness levels. This highly effective workout will take your fitness to the next level!

Benefits of Synrgy360
The possibilities are endless when it comes to the type of exercises, and they are always changing. Participants will have access to battle ropes, TRX training suspension, boxing bag, rope pull, chin up bar, adjustable platform for steps up or box jumps, and dip bar. Synrgy360 presents the opportunity for people to experience the knowledge and motivation of a personal trainer in a unique small group setting, which adds another dimension that will ultimately enhance your workouts.