Open Gym

Winter/Spring Open Gym Schedule    
Open Gym is for children who are strong walkers up to age 7,
or any child who is CURRENTLY enrolled in our recreational or
team programming.
Tuesdays 10:00-11:00 am $2/$5
Saturdays 2:00 - 3:00 pm $2/$5
  • Currently enrolled in YMCA classes?  Get one dollar off of open gym fees!  This is for any participants CURRENTLY enrolled in the CURRENT session! 
  • Children under the age of 5 must have a parent present in the gym.
  • Please be advised that some gymnasts may be tumbling, please walk around the spring floor- not across it
  • Inappropriate use of equipment, unsafe behavior, refusal to follow open gym rules may result in dismissal from open gym
  • Absolutely No adults on the equipment, Parkour, or "tricking" is permitted in the gym.  Due to a large amount of damage to our spring floor that was recently repaired we have to limit the use of the equipment.

Open Gyms Rules and Policies:

  1. Open Gyms are subject to cancellation should the gym be needed for Mock Meets, Competitive Team Meets, or Trainings. Notices will be posted in advance.
  2. All participants must have waivers on file, or bring a parents/legal guardian with them to their first open gym to sign waivers/waivers can also be printed from our website
  3. All participants 6 and older may be dropped off at open gym, please leave a phone number that we may call in case of an emergency, and the name of the pick up person.
  4. Students under 6 must have an adult in the building.
  5. Children visiting during our 5 and younger open gyms who are 3 years of age or younger must be accompanied into the gym by an adult (we do not charge the adult)
  6. Everyone must be courteous and aware of their surroundings.
  7. If equipment is misused, damaged, or destroyed the person involved will no longer be permitted to attend Open Gyms at our facility.
  8. No foul language, there are children present.
  9. No videotaping or photography.
  10. At any time we may ask participants to leave for reasons such as disrespect of other participants, equipment, staff, or policies.
  11. When jumping into the pit, if your child cannot front tuck on the floor they should not try doing so into the pit, please. Landing in the pit should be on their feet, rear, or back. They should never land on their head, or stomach.
  12. Food and drinks are not permitted in the gym. Water bottles only.
  13. Please walk around the spring floor, and use lanes when tumbling unless permission has been given for cross tumbling. This will maximize the floor usage. This means that everyone shares the floor and no one takes over the entire space.
  14. Participants must be picked up at the end of open gym. Open Gyms are the only activity running when offered, therefore the building closes immediately following. Due to many parents arriving late to pick up their children we will now assess a late pick up fee of $1 per minute to any participants account who is waiting to be picked up after open gym has ended. Staff will not leave participants under the age of 18 unattended, therefore if a participant is waiting in the parking lot for someone to pick them up, the staff person must also wait. This is a safety procedure to keep all participants safe.
  15. Open Gyms run along with our session schedules. If our session ends and there is a break in scheduling, there are no open gyms during that time.

Please Note:
Our coaches do not spot during this time, and we do not permit gymnasts, parents, other coaches, or friends to spot either if they are not employed by our facility directly for liability reasons.

Open Gyms are offered primarily as a way for our gymnasts to practice the skills they feel comfortable performing on their own, safely, and to work on routines. While Open Gyms are open to the public, they are not a class, and for that reason we do not spot or coach students during this time. It would be unsafe for us to manage an unknown number of students at each open gym while trying to coach and spot many different age groups and skill levels.