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Green Practice Group 
Swimmers in the Green Practice Group must be able to swim 100M Breaststroke, 100M Backstroke, 100M Freestyle, and have a basic understanding of the Butterfly Stoke. This is a beginner group, so we are not looking for a perfect stroke! We just need to know your swimmer has the basic endurance and understanding for a regular practice.

Yellow Practice Group
Swimmers in the Yellow Practice Group must be able to swim an Individual 200M under 5:30. Proper start and turns are preferred, but not required. This is an intermediate group focused on perfecting stroke, endurance, and speed.

Blue Practice Group
Swimmers in the Blue Practive Group must hold an Indiana Swimming Divisional Time Standard cut in any event, or be able to complete a 500M Freestyle swim in under 11 minutes. This is an advanced group focused on improving speed and endurance.

Age requirements: Swimmers must be between the ages of 6 and 14 years before the start of the regular practice season.

Practice Schedule