Jodi Baker

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 - 13:26

Shake up Your Workout Routine

Join the Reach the Beach Challenge: 28-Day Fitness Challenge

Join in the fun anytime and let us help you reach your health & fitness goals for the summer. Simply log your workouts to reach the beach in Hilton Head.
When: July 9-August 5
Where: Bloomington, IN–Hilton Head Island = 765 miles
How: 28 Days, 27 miles a day

Steps for Reach the Beach:

  1. Fill out a card at the Wellness Center or Welcome Center and file in the box under your last name.
  2. Write your name on a marker to track your progress!
  3. After you have completed your workout, log it on your card and assign the appropriate amount of miles. Please see a Y staff to sign your card.
  4. Continue to move your marker toward sunny Hilton Head!
  5. Once you have arrived in Hilton Head, please give your completed card to a Y staff.

How Do I Reach the Beach?

By logging your workouts, participating in group exercise classes, scheduling a Wellness Coach Appointment, and/or meeting a Personal Trainer for
a PT consultation:

  • 1 mile for every minute of cardio and strength training you do!
    • 15 minutes of cardio/strength – 15 miles
    • 30 minutes of cardio/strength – 30 miles
    • 45 minutes of cardio/strength – 45 miles
    • 60 minutes of cardio/strength – 60 miles…and so on….
  • Participate in a Group Exercise Class – 75 miles
  • Meet with a Wellness Coach for a Wellness Coach Appointment - 100 miles
    • This can be scheduled with Member Services
  • Meet with a Personal Trainer for a Consultation – 100 miles
    • Please see the front desk to request a PT Consultation

PRIZES: Members who have successfully “reached the beach” by August 5 will be entered into a raffle drawing for a Y swag bag.

For more information, please see a Wellness Coach or contact Amy Plunkett,