Capital Campaign
Strong Past, Bright Future

Reflecting on our Past...
Since our Southeast Branch opened its doors in 1981, the original 50,000 square foot facility has been home to a thriving summer camp, evolving group exercise classes, an expanding community, and more. Today, after numerous renovations and expansions, our Southeast Branch has doubled in size and supports over 30,000 member visits per month.

... Investing in our Future
With such high usage in a mature building comes the need to repair, replace, and renovate, and we need your continued help in caring for our Southeast Branch. Your donation can help us achieve several vital projects in the coming year:

  • Replace 14 outdated HVAC units
  • Attend to the exterior of our building
  • Fix three aged sections of our roof
  • Remove a significant number of dead ash trees
  • Replace the main pool pump and UV systems
  • Maintain our outdoor shelters
  • ...and much more!

Please consider making a gift to our capital needs. Your generosity helps ensure our facilities are safe and equipped to meet the needs of our members and our community. All gifts are tax-deductible.

All questions can be directed to Development Director, Matt Osgood, at (812) 961-2169 or