Stay tuned for updated individual event rules below! Please reference our Event Calendar for 2023 information.

Event Name Event Description Event Rate Event Rules
5K Run Participants will run a 5K race on the paved trail around our Northwest YMCA. $15/person Event Rules
18 Hole Golf Four-person scramble held at Cascades Golf Course. $225/team Event Rules
Archery Participants shoot arrows and accumulate points based on proximity to target.  $20/person
$30/person w/o equipment
Event Rules
Axe Throwing Throw an axe and hit a target. Event will be held at our Northwest Y. $20/person

Event Rules

Baserunning Challenge

Participants will get one chance to run the bases. $12/person Event Rules

Baseball Pitching 

Throw pitches and score points for "strikes." $12/person Event Rules
Basketball Shootout Shoot baskets from five marked spots on one-half court. Two one-minute rounds constitute the duration of play.  $12/person Event Rules
Bench Press Lift on free-weight bench. $12/person Event Rules
Bowling Four-person co-ed team with at least one female. Each team bowls three games. $80/team Event Rules
CEO Boat Race Craft a cardboard boat to captain two lengths of the pool to victory. $80/team Event Rules
Chipping Contest Individual event in which participants hit to reach close to holes of varying distances. $12/person Event Rules
Cornhole Individual Cornhole, participants get 16 throws.


Individual Rules


Event will be virtual this year, participants will send us proof of their 10-mile bike ride.


Event RulesCycling FAQ


Participants play six rounds, three throws each, and a total score is taken. $12/person Event Rules
Disc Golf Teams of two will play the 9-hole course at Sherwood Oaks Church twice using an alternate shot format. $20/team Event Rules
Disc Golf Shootout NEW EVENT! Participants get a limited amount of time to make as many “putts” in disc golf from various distances. Only available on Sept. 14. $12/person Coming Soon!
Dodgeball Event held at our Northwest Y with either open or co-ed teams. Double elimination for both. $40/team Event Rules
Free Throw Contest Each competitor shoots at least ten free throws. $12/person Event Rules
Mini Golf Mini golf is also now an individual event. An 18-hole mini golf course will be played once. $15/person Event Rules
Obstacle Course Will only be available at both time options on Sept. 7 at our Northwest Y. $12/person Event Rules
Par Three Golf 18-hole scramble held at Taylor's Par 3. $80/team Event Rules
Participation Walk Complete this one-mile route and earn one point per person. $5/person Event Rules


Double-elimination tournaments with both open and co-ed divisions. $25/team Event Rules
Punt Pass Kick Test your football strength and accuracy. $12/person Event Rules
Quarterback Challenge An individual event where participants will receive eight throws aimed at various targets to test their quarterback skills. $12/person Event Rules
Quiz Bowl Teams of four will compete in multiple short quizzes gaining points for correct answers. $60/team Event Rules
Rowing Each participant is given three minutes to accumulate as much distance as possible on our rowing machines.  $16/person Event Rules
Soccer Ball Juggling Participants will get three attempts to juggle a soccer ball as many times as possible. $12/person Event Rules
Soccer Shootout Participants will get six shots at the soccer goal from varying distances. $12/person Event Rules

Eight different events:

  • 50-yard freestyle, 50-yard backstroke, and 50-yard breaststroke will be divided by age with separate male and female races.
  • Mixed relay: Two males and two females who each swim part of the race.
  • Master's relay: Each swimmer must be at least forty years of age.
  • Women's relay: Four female swimmers.
  • Men's relay: Four male swimmers.
  • 100 free relay: Any combination of four swimmers.
Event Rules
Table Tennis Single elimination singles competition held in the Cardinal Court at the Northwest Y. $15/person Event Rules
Tennis Serving Take ten serves and earn points for accuracy. Best score wins. $12/person Event Rules
Broad Jump and Shot Put

Three attempts each, best scores win. Will take place at both YMCA Soccer Fields.

$12/person Coming Soon!
100 Meters and 400 Meters  Races will be run on our Southeast Y outdoor track.  $12/person Coming Soon!

Teams of six will compete in a tournament. Must have two women on a team. Tournament will be self-refereed

$60/team Event Rules

Matt Osgood
Development Director
(812) 961-2169