Membership Rates

Thank you for your interest in a YMCA membership! 

When you join online, you can pay by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Be assured that your transaction will be handled securely and confidentially.

Your credit or debit card will be charged a one-time Joiner Fee as well as the prorated month's dues. Monthly dues will be taken out on the first of each month for the current month.

2020 Membership Rates
Type of Membership Automatic Monthly Draft* Joiner Fee
Youth (7-18) $19 $25
Young Adult (19-29) $38 $30
Adult (30-64) $51 $50
1 Adult + Dependents $67 $75
2 Adults $68 $75
2 Adults + Dependents $77 $100
Seniors (65+)    
1 Adult $47 $50
2 Adults $62 $75

*Annual membership rates are available. Please contact the Welcome Center or email for details.

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For questions regarding annual rates, changing billing methods, or editing or canceling your membership, please email or call the Northwest Welcome Center at (812) 331-5556 or the Southeast Welcome Center at (812) 332-5555.


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