Group Ex Schedules

Looking for a VIRTUAL CLASS?

  1. Look under the "Studio" column to see "OR Virtual" listed, which designates our virtual class options.
  2. While these classes are included in your Y membership, you must sign up for the virtual classes using the "Sign Up" link next to the class description.
  3. Once you sign up for the virtual class, you'll receive an email with a direct link to the class on Zoom and directions on how to join the class from home.

Please note: You must sign up for the virtual version BEFORE the class begins. Registration automatically closes at the class start time.  

Check out this quick video tutorial of how to register for a virtual class on our app or on our website:



A recent update to Chrome has impacted the ability to Sign Up for classes. Engineers and developers are currently working on a solution. Here are a couple of ways that you can bypass the errant “Enable Cookies” message:

After clicking Sign Up, in the URL bar of the browser, there is a little pop-ups blocked icon near the far right. Click it, check the option to Always Allow, then click Done. Now when you click Sign Up, it will open on a new tab. The cookies message will be gone and you can reserve like normal. 

Another option is to right-click on Sign Up, and open it either in a new tab or a new window. Just like in the previous method, the Sign Up box will be in the entire tab/window, the cookies message will be gone, and you can reserve like normal. If you are on a phone then you can click three-dots in top right corner > Settings > Site Settings > Pop-Ups and Redirects > adjust slider to allow pop-ups and redirects.

There are no issues when signing up through the free MCYMCA mobile app! Click here to find it in the Apple Store. Click here to find it in the Google Play Store.