Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons are for those who prefer individual instruction and one-on-one attention from an instructor. Semi-private swim lessons are closed lessons for a few swimmers - perfect for siblings! These lessons are a good way to help swimmers focus on a particular skill or to help overcome a fear of the water. Instructors are tailored to the participant’s needs following the Y swim lesson components:

    • Personal Safety
    • Personal Growth
    • Stroke Development
    • Rescue

Number of Lessons Instruction Time Private Lesson Pricing Semi-Private Lesson Pricing
1 Lesson 30 minutes $45 members
$97.50 non-members
$105 members
$157.50 non-members
4 Lessons 30 minutes each
2 hours total instruction
$120 members
$172.50 non-members
$180 members
$232.50 non-members
8 Lessons 30 minutes each
4 hours total instruction
$240 members
$345 non-members
$360 members
$465 non-members

For new clients or members who are interested in private or semi-private swim lessons, please register in our online request processing form. Please answer each question to the best of your ability. Due to staffing availability, it might take up to several weeks to match you with an instructor and register for the lessons program.

NOTE: If you are a new member or new client, you MUST register for processing BEFORE you are eligible to register for our private/semi-private swim lessons program. Our consultation program does not include any free swim lessons, as it is only a waitlist.


Kendall Ayers
Aquatics Director
(812) 961-2178