Division Entry Fees:

Each company pays an Entry Fee, which differs depending on company size. Any company that successfully recruits a new team will have a $0.00 Entry Fee. If you are unsure of which division your company would qualify for, please contact Matt Osgood at (812) 961-2169 or

Number of Employees Entry Fees
0-49 $40.00
50-149 $50.00
150-349 $60.00
350-999 $95.00
1000+ $135.00

Participation Fees:

As usual, we will use the “a la carte” bill method. The prices below are what we will charge per event or team.

Event Cost per Team
or Person
Archery $20 per person or $30 per person without equipment
Axe Throwing $20 per person
Baseball Pitching Challenge $12 per person
Baserunning $12 per person
Basketball Shootout $12 per person
Bench Press $12 per person
Individual Cornhole $12 per person
Bowling $80 per person
CEO Boat Race  $80 per team
Chipping Contest $12 per person
Cycling $12 per person
Darts $12 per person
Disc Golf $20 per team
Dodgeball $40 per team
Free Throw Contest $12 per person
Mini Golf (One round of 18 holes) $15 per person
Obstacle Course $12 per person
Par 3 Golf $80 per team
Participation Walk $5 per person
Pickleball $25 per team
Punk, Pass, Kick $12 per person
Quarterback Challenge $12 per person
Quiz Bowl $60 per team
Rowing $12 per person
Soccer Ball Juggling $12 per person
Soccer Shootout $12 per person
T-Shirt Design FREE
Table Tennis $15 per person
Tennis Serving $12 per person
Volleyball $60 per team
100 Meters and 400 Meters $12 per person
18 Hole Golf $225 per team
5K Run $15 per person

Kevin Vail
Development Director
(812) 961-2362