Endowment Funds
The Gift That Grows

When you give to the YMCA General Endowment Fund, your support continues to impact lives long after your gift is made. A percentage of the investment income from the Endowment Fund is used to help sustain our commitment to health and wellness by supplementing the Y’s projects, programs, and services.

How to Give
You can make a gift today to any of our endowment funds, including the YMCA Endowment Fund or one of the Special Gift Funds listed below.

  • Online: Click our "Donate" button found at the top of every page.
  • Mail: Complete this form and send a check to: Matt Osgood, Monroe County YMCA, 2125 Highland Ave., Bloomington IN 47403
  • In Person: To set an appointment, please call Matt Osgood at (812) 961-2169.

Special Gift Funds
Naming an endowment fund at the YMCA is easy–you can decide to make an outright gift or build the fund over time. As with all endowments, it is a permanent fund set aside for a special purpose: it creates an opportunity to provide support for a YMCA program or service that is meaningful to you and your family. Since the principal is never invaded, the fund becomes a growing, perpetual source of income for the program you have chosen to support.

To find out more, contact Matt Osgood at (812) 961-2169 or info@monroecountyymca.org.

  • Jonah Binkley Memorial Fund
    Provides camp scholarships for teens
  • Ginger Rink Youth Fund
    Provides program enhancement and scholarship opportunities within our youth department
  • Sonneborn Hearteam Fund
    Provides scholarships and equipment for the Cardiac Rehab program
  • Marlene Vass Youth Fund
    Provides scholarships for Camp Arrowhead and financial support toward health initiatives for youth
  • Craig Burk Memorial Fund
    Provides scholarships for youth interested in Strength Training Programs
  • Tom & Deb Porter Aquatics Fund
    Supports the work of the Aquatics Department, which offers a lifetime of healthy, fun activities to family recreationpeople through water exercise, swim and safety lessons, and family recreation
  • Leon & Thelma Thompson Fund
    Provides programs and needed equipment for the Prime Time Fitness programs
  • Wayne Nichols Youth Scholarship Fund
    In memory of Joanne "Ruff" Hufnagel
    Provides youth scholarships to children based on potential for athletic and academic achievement

  • Ruth Clifford Engs & Jeffrey L. Franz Fit for Life Fund
    Provides funds for the Fit for Life Program, focused on creating a supportive environment to improve personal health and establish healthy behavior

Matt Osgood
Development Director