Facility/Room Rental Process

Winter/Spring Rentals Program Flier

Rates are $30 for 1-2 hours (each additional hour is $15) for members/non-profits and $40 1-2 hours (each additional hour is $20) for non-members/for-profits.

Food events are $100 for 1-2 hours. Above additional hour rates apply.

  • If party requires both Community Rooms A and B, then second room is rented for ½ the price.
  • Each Community Room accommodates 25 people, totaling 50 people for both rooms.
  • Shelter rentals are $45 for 1-4 hours for members/non-profits and $60 for 1-4 hours non-members/for-profits. Above additional hour rates apply
  • Basketball courts generally are not rented. Exceptions would include during an after-hours event or rare low usage times.

Reserving Room:
Kevin Thompson
Risk Management Coordinator:

Payment should be taken at least 72 hours in advance of rental date.

After-Hours Rental of Facility:
They should provide a Certificate of Insurance and/or sign back of agreement.

Costs for After Hours Rental (9p-midnight or 10pm-1am):
$250 rental fee
$15/hour per wellness coach supervisor and lifeguard.

Kevin Thompson,
Risk Management Coordinator
(812) 961-2181