Division Entry Fees:

Each company pays an Entry Fee, which differs depending on company size. Any company that successfully recruits a new team will have a $0.00 Entry Fee. If you are unsure of which division your company would qualify for, please contact Matt Osgood at (812) 961-2169 or

Number of Employees Entry Fees
0-49 $40.00
50-149 $50.00
150-349 $60.00
350-999 $95.00
1000+ $135.00

Participation Fees:

As usual, we will use the “a la carte” bill method. The prices below are what we will charge per event or team.

This is a very unique year with many challenges, and bills will obviously be much lower than they have been in past years. We are so grateful for any company that is able to participate. If your company is in a position to, we ask that you consider matching your 2020 bill, or at least a portion of it, to help us raise as many funds as possible for our 2021 Y for All Annual Campaign. Our community is going to need the Y for All Scholarship Fund more than ever! Thank you for your participation and your consideration!

Event Cost per Team
or Person
5K Run $16 per person
18 Hole Golf $170 per person
Archery $20 per person / $25 per person without equipment
Axe Throwing $20 per person
Badminton $25 per person
Baseball Pitching Challenge $12 per person
Baserunning $12 per person
Basketball Shootout $12 per person
Bench Press $12 per person
Cornhole $25 per team / $12 per individual
Bowling $80 per person
CEO Boat Race  $60 per team
Cycling $16 per person
Darts $12 per person
Disc Golf $20 per team
Dodgeball $40 per team
Euchre $25 per team
Free Throw Contest $80 per person
Fitness Challenge $10 per person
Free Throw Contest $12 per person
HR Derby $12 per person
Horseshoes $25 per person
Mini Golf $15 per person
Obstacle Course $15 per person
Par 3 Golf $80 per team
Pickleball $25 per team
Punk Pass Kick $12 per person
Quarterback Challenge $12 per person
Quiz Bowl $60 per team
Rowing $16 per person
Soccer Juggling $12 per person
Soccer Shootout $12 per person
Swimming $20 per team / $10 per person
Table Tennis $16 per person
Tennis $12 per person
Tennis Serving $16 per person
Track and Field $20 per team / $10 per person
Truck Pull $20 per team
Tug of War $30 per team

Matt Osgood
Development Director
(812) 961-2360