Corporate Challenge
Team Captains

As a Team Captain your major responsibilities will include:

One of the hardest things you may encounter as a team captain recruiting employees. You will want to recruit participants from every area or department, which may prove difficult. Here are some general ideas that have worked in the past:

  1. Choose a few people from the main departments to help you recruit.
  2. Meet on a regular basis with these individuals to plan and implement your strategies.
  3. Get the word out! Communication is the key! Bulletin boards and information given out with paychecks is a good way to get the message out, but don't rely on these alone. One-on-one communication is the best way to reach everyone.
  4. Use the In-House Registration Form to find out in which events the employees want to participate. You can also get t-shirt sizes and other pertinent information from this form.
  5. Make numerous copies of the Corporate Challenge Waiver Form and give to each department. Some companies created waivers for each event to be signed by participants.
  6. Take advantage of e-mail and the YMCA website. All event updates and event descriptions are here on the site.
  7. Weekly employee meetings are a good way to present the program. It is a chance to tell people what Corporate Challenge is all about and answer any questions.

Fill Out Forms

  1. Fill out the Registration Form with number of participants in each event, total number participating, and your company division.
  2. Get every participant to sign the Waiver Form. Return all signed forms to the YMCA.
  3. Fill out Special Event Participation Forms with names and ages.
  4. Attend Captain's meeting.
  5. Be the liaison between your employees and the YMCA.

Collect/Submit Fees

  1. Entry Fee is based on the size of your company and due August 22.
  2. The Participation Fee is based on how many individuals/teams compete in each event. The fee amonth will be mailed to the team captain by October 14th. Any payments received after December 2 will be assessed a 10% late fee.