YMCA Membership Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Application

We are pleased to announce the Monroe County YMCA is currently accepting Financial Assistance (FA) applications from individuals who would like Y membership support for the 2019 calendar year. The Y FA applications for membership will only be accepted until November 30, 2018. In order for a prospective applicant to be considered for FA, the following actions are required:

1. Submit a completed YMCA Financial Assistance application. Please visit www.monroecountyymca.org/FA for the application.
2. Submit a copy of your 2017 Federal Income Tax Return (Form 1040, pages 1 and 2 only, or 1040EZ). Please mark out all Social Security numbers and tax ID numbers on submitted paperwork.
3. Submit two consecutive pay stubs for each income-earning member within the household. If you are unemployed, draw social security, or are a full-time student, please provide a summary of your unemployment benefits, SSI paperwork, financial aid benefits, and/or student schedule.

Applications will be processed only if all of the required information listed above is submitted. If the Monroe County YMCA receives an incomplete application, your request for financial assistance will not be considered.

Approval or Denial - Notification Process

Financial Assistance for Summer Camp

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