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Based on yoga and classical dance, this mind/body practice emphasizes lengthening and strengthening the whole body. Special attention is given to postural enhancement, core strength and stability, and breath work. Pilates techniques are low impact, and are accessible to all people, from beginners and those with injuries to athletes and dancers.

Benefits of Pilates
Pilates helps train your body to be more aware and healthy. From posture to coordination, the lessons learned in Pilates will carry with you throughout your day, so you are more aware of your body and how to keep it healthy. Pilates is a great way to relieve back pain. In our Pilates classes, you will build your core, strengthen muscles throughout your body, and focus on balance and posture for overall health. Source: WebMD

Program Dates
Session 6: October 16-December 17
Mini Session: December 18-December 30
Session 1: January 2-February 18
Session 2: February 19-April 15
Session 3: April 16-June 3

Class Descriptions
 The star symbol means this class is offering a session included in your membership and can be attended at no additional cost with no registration necessary.


Gentle Total Body Strength

Long and Lean Total Body Strength

Mat Pilates


POP Pilates

Posture and Balance with Pilates

Total Body Pilates

Yoga/Pilates Mix