Lunch and Learn Series at our Northwest Y

At the Monroe County Y, guests enjoy a free lunch followed by a presentation to help professionals enhance their leadership skills. This series is free to attend and open to all local community organizations. Businesses can register as many guests as they like for a workshop

Wednesday, February 28:

  • The Leadership Trifecta
  • Explore how to establish the behaviors of a strong leader. Whether you’re new in your leadership role or have years of experience, revisiting fundamental skills can help you fine-tune your approach. ​

Wednesday, May 8:

  • Understanding Influence
  • Gain invaluable insights into the psychology of effective leadership. Deep dive into the science of influence and discovering strategies to build credibility, foster trust, and enhance persuasive abilities. This dynamic session is designed to empower leaders and provide them with the tools needed to inspire positive change within teams and organizations. 

Wednesday, August 28:

  • Engagement & Accountability
  • Explore the crucial dynamics of fostering a workplace culture that thrives on both engagement and accountability. In the presentation, you can discover strategies to inspire and empower your team, ensuring each member is fully invested in the organization’s success.

Wednesday, November 6:

  • Leading from the Dance Floor to the Balcony
  • A leader’s effectiveness can be greatly enhanced by frequently moving “from the dance floor to the balcony,” shifting between being hands-on and having a big-picture perspective. This workshop will cover the process and the benefits of this practice of “reflection in action.”


Our Midweek Motivation series follows the schedule below:

  • 11:30-11:45 am: Lunch
  • 11:45 am-12:45 pm: Presentation
  • 12:45-1:00 pm: Q&A session or a tour of the Northwest Y

Registration is FREE, but guests must RSVP for the workshops they are interested in since space is limited. Please send attendees' names and email addresses and desired dates to Janet Stacy at info@MonroeCountyYMCA.org or call 812-961-2193.

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