Adult Racquetball
Ages 12+

The Racquetball Court is temporarily unavailable due to water damage maintenance. The court will tentatively be available again in fall 2021. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Racquetball, invented by YMCA member Joe Sobek in 1950, is a great sport to develop and improve athletic skills and to get and stay active with friendly competition. Stop by our Southeast Y for open court opportunities to play with friends!

Racquetball Court Reservations:
Court reservations can be made up to one week in advance. To make a reservation, visit our Southeast Y Welcome Center, or call at (812) 332-5555. Please note the following racquetball-play stipulations:

  • Members ages 12+ may play without adult supervision.
  • The court fee is due at the time of the reservation. Only credit cards will be accepted for reservations made by phone. We highly encourage members to purchase a Racquetball Pass, as a pass is more cost-effective for frequent players.
  • When you visit the court, please alert the Welcome Center staff when you arrive and leave so they can turn the lights on and off for you.
  • Due to the ongoing health pandemic, no more than two people can play in the Racquetball Court Room. Masks must be worn the entire time, including during play and at rest.

Racquetball Rates:
Daily Reservations: $2
Racquetball Pass: $25 for 15 reservations—Open to Y members only.
Walk-On: No fee


Chris Stone
Youth & Sports Director
(812) 961-2360