FAQ Regarding the Upgraded Monroe County YMCA App

Q: How do I upgrade to the new app?
A: Follow these steps:

  1. Open your App Store or Google Play and search “Daxko Mobile.”
  2. Download the app, then open it.
  3. Once you’ve opened the Daxko app, search “Monroe County YMCA.”
  4. Select “Monroe County YMCA” to connect to our association within the Daxko app.
  5. You will then be ushered to the home page of our app, which displays a variety of announcements about current and up-coming events. Please note that the name of the app will not display as “Monroe County YMCA;” it will continue to display as “Daxko,” who is our app developer.
  6. Delete the old Monroe County YMCA app if you had it downloaded on your phone.

Q: What features come with the new app?
A: In addition to being more user-friendly in general, you can find a new Group Ex schedule that will be updated in real-time, timely announcements, alerts about current events, a full list of programs available for registration, and your membership card (you must add your card to use this feature even if you had our old app).

Q: Why should I update my app?
A: We have recently switched to a new Group Ex scheduling program that integrates with our app. This program allows us to have a live Group Ex class schedule at all times, which means you can see when a class is canceled, when a regular instructor will have a sub, if a classroom has switched, and more. Our previous app will no longer support Group Ex schedules after Monday, December 16.

Q: Will I still be able to sign up for my classes on the new app?
A: Yes! The new app will still allow you to browse and register for all Group Ex classes and other Y programs. The only difference is that you’ll be able to see any changes in Group Ex programming as they happen in real-time. For example, if your class is cancelled, it will display on the app as cancelled, which is a function the old app was not capable of displaying.

Q: Will the new app still display the branch and room location for my classes?
A: Yes! With this app upgrade, you will be able to see whether a class is at the Northwest or Southeast Y, as well as the specific class area for each class. The new app is much more user friendly—it allows us to relay more information to you as any changes take place.


Q: Can I still use my card to scan in at the Welcome Center?
A: Yes! You can still use your cell phone to scan in, but you will need to re-upload your card to the new app. It will not automatically transfer from the old app to the new app.

November 25th, 2019