Healthy Hearts and Active Lives

Welcome to Healthy Hearts & Active Lives! This is a program for ages 18+ that concentrates on overall life and exercise maintenance. As you enter this program, you will begin to take on more responsibility for your body’s well-being. You will play an active role in choosing the type of exercise that you will pursue and enjoy, and you will learn to develop your own pace of movement with help and guidance of YMCA Staff.

In this program, it is vital to keep accurate and complete daily records of your exercise sessions. This information will be saved and used to help you monitor and improve your health and wellness. If needed, YMCA Healthy Hearts and Active Lives staff can make copies for you to take to your physician at annual check-up appointments. All of this information is important to you. By keeping accurate records, you can actually watch your body change in response to the exercise you will be doing. By recording heart rates and Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE), you can monitor yourself to ensure that you are indeed working at your prescribed exercise level. 

In order for you to take this class, it is required that you obtain your physician’s approval and provide proof of approval to the YMCA. You will also need to set up an orientation before you begin the program. To set up your orientation appointment, please contact Margie Kobow, Healthy Hearts and Active Lives Director, at 812-961-2175 or at