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What is Group Exercise?
In Group Exercise classes, you'll follow a trained instructor doing exercises alongside other participants. These classes are open to participants ages 12 and older.*

* To ensure safety of our members, youth age 11 and under are NOT allowed in adult group exercise classes. This includes sitting in the back of the room and babies in carriers of any kind. Youth ages 12+ can participate in adult classes as long as they are able to perform exercises as instructed.

Program Dates
Session 5:  August 14 - October 15
Session 6: October 16 - December 17

Download the complete Group Exercise schedule by selecting your branch and session below:
NW Sessions 5, 6 SE Sessions 5, 6

Keith Maze
SE Fitness Coordinator
(812) 961-2182

Madison Surface
NW Fitness Coordinator
(812) 961-2364

Gayle Ebel
SE Adult Wellness Director
(812) 961-2171